Finding The Root Cause Of Dis-Ease

Regenerative detoxification and healing principles became my passion and mission, after experiencing my own health crisis, and learning how to heal myself and find vibrant health.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disorder, and I was told I would never heal, and I would live off of drugs for the rest of my life.

I never took the drugs, but instead, I found the answers through natural healing and regenerative modalities, and that is what jump-started my journey into holistic health and healing.

“I never took the drugs, but instead, I found the answers through natural healing and regenerative modalities.”

— Jessicca Kumaalla

Regenerative Root Healing is a virtual holistic clinic that specializes in the work of regenerative health. Regenerative health is all about getting to the root cause of symptoms or a disease. Addressing the root cause allows the body to reverse, repair, and regenerate from its' current state.
This is accomplished through detoxification, herbalism, nutrition, and hydration.

We are trained in regenerative detox, iridology, muscle testing, herbalism, nutrition and many other modalities that help assess the body as a whole.

We specialize in digestive health, autoimmune, reproductive health, overall preventative care, and many other conditions. Disease is a lack of ease and flow in the body that has derived from a state of acidosis and lymphatic stagnation.

Our services consist of full health consultations, iris exams, nutritional counseling, and herbal recommendations.

Your body is designed to heal when you give it the right environment.

Ways To Work With Me:

Nutrition Program

Experience the life-changing potential of cellular nutrition, with delicious, organic, raw, sprouted, and regeneratively grown superfoods and herbs, designed specifically to nourish and alkalize all systems of the body at a cellular level, while gently and safely eliminating inflammation, waste and toxins.

Start your transformative journey today, and embrace the philosophy of regenerative healing, and whole food nutrition, for long term vibrant health.

Wholistic Kinesiology

Wholistic Kinesiology is a type of muscle testing, for tapping into the body's innate wisdom, offering insights into underlying imbalances and their root causes. Using muscle testing, we bypass mental filters and directly communicate with the body, unveiling disruptions in the body's electrical system and meridian flow pathways.

This holistic approach enables us to detect imbalances before they manifest as symptoms, addressing physical, emotional, and biochemical issues at their core. Through this comprehensive assessment, we target energetic disturbances triggered by emotions and traumas, paving the way for more effective responses to therapies and remedies.

Clearing these energetic and emotional blockages facilitates profound healing, akin to an energetic adjustment, with the level of support provided correlating with the longevity and strength of the adjustment.

Iris Analysis and Report

Your eyes are not only the windows into your soul, they are windows into your current health picture, and an extension of the brain and nervous system. With over 28,000 nerve endings, the iris are connected to every genetic predisposition, health issue, and trauma you have ever been through.

Iridology will uncover the root cause of your symptoms, by revealing body constitution, inherent weaknesses and states of inflammation and degeneration in organs, tissues, and glands.

By analyzing your eye color, body constitution, and various levels of health, I provide you with a roadmap to help guide you through your journey. You will receive a complete written report of your marked-up photos of your left and right iris, and a recommended 6-month dietary plan to move forward.

Meet Your


I am a Regenerative Health Practitioner and Detoxification Specialist, Clinical Iridologist, Clinical Herbalist, and Holistic Nutritionist. I also am a Medical Intuitive and Trauma Healing Practitioner, because healing is at least half, if not more, emotional.

I challenge the daily impacts of the toxins in your nutrition, emotions and your environment, and give you the tools, so you are empowered in all parts of your healing journey, so you know how to heal yourself for the long term.

I help guide you to reverse illness, autoimmune and dis-ease, using iridology and muscle testing, to find the root cause of imbalance. We will create a program that supports all areas of need, to nourish and alkalize the cells and safely detox your beautiful body from acids and inflammation, parasites, fungus and heavy metals. Using whole foods and superfood nutrition, cellular detoxification, molecular hydrogen water, clearing trauma, trapped emotions and underlying beliefs, and clearing out environmental toxins, true healing and transformation happens, for the long term.

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