My Journey

Healing my body and reclaiming my life became my number 1 priority, after an autoimmune disorder that was left unchecked for years, nearly took my life. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I was informed I'd be dependent on medication indefinitely, and sentenced to a life devoid of normalcy due to the absence of a cure. For the ensuing 34 years, I dedicated myself to learning the art of self-healing. Today, I stand liberated from the confines of doctors, medications, and dis-ease, having transcended the limitations of the Western medical model. Through this journey, I cultivated a profound trust in my body's innate wisdom and its capacity for healing, emerging as a beacon of health and vitality.

My Journey

I suffered from chronic health issues throughout my youth, though I maintained a relatively healthy diet, laying a foundation of gratitude for my early upbringing. However, at 16, a shift occurred. Succumbing to peer pressure, I abandoned wholesome foods for processed and fast foods, in a quest to fit in with my peers. This transition triggered a cascade of health issues—weight gain, cystic acne, disrupted digestion, hormonal imbalances—manifesting over three tumultuous years.

At 19, as I embarked on furthering my education in massage therapy and nutrition, my health deteriorated drastically. Digestive shutdown led to a rapid decline in my well-being, culminating in a life-threatening hospitalization. The diagnosis: ulcerative colitis, a sobering revelation of the consequences of neglecting my body's needs. Disheartened by the conventional medical prognosis of lifelong medication dependency, I resolved to chart my own path to healing.

Rejecting the prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs, I embarked on a journey of holistic exploration, disentangling myself from the confines of toxic Western medicine. Through dedicated self-care and holistic therapies, I experienced a remarkable turnaround, liberating myself from the shackles of an incurable disease.

This transformative journey crystallized my mission—to empower others with the tools of regenerative healing, harnessing the body's innate wisdom to achieve profound restoration and vitality. Guiding individuals in reversing chronic illness and dis-ease, my approach revolves around regenerative detoxification and nourishment, facilitating healing on all levels—from cellular rejuvenation to soulful renewal.

Training and Education

New Mexico School of Myo Art - 750 hr Licensure in Massage Therapy 1991 - Current - 34 years

Grateful Body Healing Arts - Massage Therapy Private Practice - in Albuquerque, NM 1991- 2013

Completed more than 25 years of continuing education from The New Mexico School of

Natural Therapeutics; Colon Hydrotherapy and Digestive Health Education, CranialSacral Therapy, Radionics/Hair Analysis, Ayurveda for Massage Therapists 1 and 2, Homeopathy Basics, Bach Flower Remedies, Essential Oils, and The Philosophy Of Natural Therapeutics

Associate Degree in Liberal Arts at T-VI which is now CNM - 1997

Continuing Education at UNM; Emergency Medicine, CPR, First Aid, AED, Anatomy & Physiology, Somatic Movement

Certified Hatha Yoga - High Desert Yoga Teacher Training Instructor Program - 200 hour

The Wholistic Kinesiology Institute - Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist - 2010

Co-founder of The Healing Spiral, LLC - A holistic healing practice

Wholistic Kinesiology Institute - Teaching Assistant in 2012, 2013, 2014 , 2015

Awarded Certification as an Advanced Wholistic Kinesiologist - 2015

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Certification from AADP - 2015

Co-founded of Institute For Holistic Living - Holistic Practitioner Certification Program - 2015

Institute For Holistic Nutrition, LLC - Nutrition & Healing Practice, Classes & Retreats - 2018 - Current

Continuing Education For BodyWorkers - 2019 - Current - Trauma Release, Awaken Your

Intuition, CPR/ First Aid and Holistic Spa Therapies

Food Is Medicine Holistic Practitioner Triple Certification Program - 2019 - Current

Sovereign Holistic Practitioner Triple Certification Program 2023- Current

Institute Of Regenerative Health - Triple Certification Program 2023 - Certified Regenerative Health Practitioner, Clinical Iridologist & Clinical Herbalist

Regenerative Root Healing - Regenerative Healing & Iridology Private Practice

Jessicca was wonderfully supportive and encouraging. She rolled out the red carpet for me and was there 100% of the time for me, backing me up with answers to my questions and concerns. She was always kind and caring, even though I felt I must have been a terrible pest at times. I felt loved and cared for. Her energy held the space for me, and I’m grateful for her incredible understanding and loving-kindness.

Overall, it was a very positive experience. I lost 8 pounds and some inches, and I have a more sleek-looking body with more energy than ever before. The inflammation in my legs and knees is gone. I could feel the nutrients working on my body and I felt supported by the supplements. I will continue as much as I can, as I feel great!!! I would do this again and I would definitely recommend it to others and already have. Thank you so much.

- Sharlene Ellsworth, Taos, NM

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