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Regenerative health is all about getting to the root cause of symptoms or a disease. Addressing the root cause allows the body to reverse, repair, and regenerate from its' current state. This is accomplished through detoxification, herbalism, nutrition, and hydration.

We are trained in regenerative detox, iridology, muscle testing, herbalism, nutrition and many other modalities that help assess the body as a whole. Regenerative Healing looks at the body as a whole, finds the root cause of imbalances, with iridology, and completely restores gland and organ function, regenerating and nourishing the body at a cellular level. It focuses on cleaning out and alkalizing the body safely and gently, releasing acids, inflammation and heavy metals, and killing parasites, fungus, and pathogenic infections. Then we will use nutrition, hydration, trauma release, emotional work, frequency and herbs to heal.

Discover the many ways you will be supported, in the world of regenerative health. Your program will be tailored to meet your own unique needs, and your own body leads the way, through iridology and muscle testing. I meet you where you are at, and together we create the most beneficial program to support your healing journey. Whether you need a little guidance and support, or are seeking a total transformation, we create the most aligned program for you.

Are You Ready To Start Your Journey?
Ways To Work With Me: Here Are 3 Transformative Programs

Nutrition Program

Experience the life-changing potential of cellular nutrition, with delicious, organic, raw, sprouted and regeneratively grown superfoods and herbs, designed specifically to nourish and alkalize all systems of the body at a cellular level, while gently and safely eliminating inflammation and toxins.

Start your transformative journey today, and embrace the philosophy of regenerative healing, and whole food nutrition, for long term vibrant health.

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This powerful transformative nutrition and detoxification program is safe, effective and life changing. It saves lives. It literally changes the terrain from which you operate from, upgrading every cell. The daily lifestyle habit-building and mindset supports that go along with this program, are easy to follow, create lasting results, and will pull it all together.


• 3 Months of Delicious, Raw, Organic, Vegan Superfoods & Supporting Herbs Delivered Directly To Your Door

• 20-Minute Unboxing Call/ Zoom

• PDF Book - Transform Your Health In 90 Days

• Monthly 30-Minute Check-In Call/ Zoom

• Option To Add Personalized Sessions To Look Deeper


Wholistic Kinesiology

Wholistic Kinesiology is a type of muscle testing, for tapping into the body's innate wisdom, offering insights into underlying imbalances and their root causes. Using muscle testing, we bypass mental filters and directly communicate with the body, unveiling disruptions in the body's electrical system and meridian flow pathways.

This holistic approach enables us to detect imbalances before they manifest as symptoms, addressing physical, emotional, and biochemical issues at their core. Through this comprehensive assessment, we target energetic disturbances triggered by emotions and traumas, paving the way for more effective responses to therapies and remedies.

Clearing these energetic and emotional blockages facilitates profound healing, akin to an energetic adjustment, with the level of support provided correlating with the longevity and strength of the adjustment.

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Wholistic Kinesiology encompasses a collection of diagnostic tools and treatment techniques aimed at assessing the body and its energies for imbalances and traumas on physical, emotional, and biochemical levels. By focusing on the whole being—body, mind, and soul/spirit—we uncover deep-seated imbalances and address energetic disturbances, enhancing the body's ability to respond to therapies and remedies.

This set of modalities not only clears energetic blockages, but also supports lasting results by addressing the web of emotional weight that often needs clearing. With each adjustment, supported by daily lifestyle habits and mindset shifts, we upgrade every cell, providing cellular nutrition and creating a terrain that fosters optimal health and well-being.

Using Wholistic Kinesiology, we will put together a healing program, that your own body is asking for, by finding the root cause of imbalances and tapping into the biggest priorities, to know what to focus on. Over 4 months, the baby steps make huge transformations.


• A 4 Month Program

• 20-Minute Unboxing Call/ Zoom

• Pdf Book - Transform Your Health In 90 Days

• Other Nutritional Resources

• Full Intake & Health Assessment

• 4 one-on-one 60-minute monthly Zoom sessions

• Muscle Testing Current State Of Health, To Find Root Cause Focus

• Create A Program Of Supports We Adjust Each Month

$800 (does not include supports)

Iris Analysis and Report

Your eyes are not only the windows into your soul, they are windows into your current health picture, and an extension of the brain and nervous system. With over 28,000 nerve endings, the iris are connected to every genetic predisposition, health issue, and trauma you have ever been through.

Iridology will uncover the root cause of your symptoms, by revealing body constitution, inherent weaknesses and states of inflammation and degeneration in organs, tissues, and glands, in this 6 month program.

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Commit to your healing and upgrade your well-being for the long term, using iridology as a powerful and effective diagnostic tool. It will show us clearly what we need to focus on the most.

By analyzing your eye color, body constitution, and various levels of health, I provide you with a roadmap to help guide you through your healing journey. You will receive a complete written report of your marked-up photos of your left and right iris, and a recommended 6-month dietary plan to move forward.


• 20-Minute Unboxing Call/ Zoom

• PDF Book - Transform Your Health In 90 Days

• Other Nutritional Resources

• Intake With Health Assessment

• Full Iridology Analysis & Report

Complete Iris Analysis Provides:

• Review Everything Seen In Iris Analysis

• A Complete Iridology Report For Your Records

• Iris Color, Constitution & Level of Resiliency

• Degree of Tissue Degeneration

• Vulnerable Systems & High Priority Areas

• Root Causes

• 6 one-on-one 60-minute monthly Zoom Calls

• Emotion, Pain, Trauma & Energy Clearing

• 30 Day Action Plan each month, for 6 month, with Herbal, Dietary & Lifestyle Recommendations


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